Fabric Impregnated Silicone


       It is manufactured by impregnating double layer silicone with fabric. With the oily content, it keeps the scars moist and lighten the color. With silver ions inside, there is no risk for infection. It helps mobility by stretching vertically and horizantaly. 

        Burns, injuries and postoperative traces (scars) reduce the patient's quality of life. The scars on the skin, which are red, swollen and hard continue to thicken with itching as time passes, also cause movement limitations. To overcome this, various surgical interventions can be performed and the easiest method is to prevent further hardening and thickening by pressing and moisturizing scars. The most accurate method to accomplish this treatment is using Silicone Impregnated Burn Garments. This combination will keep the silicone moist and pressure of the garment will control scars to overgrow. 

6 Month Before and After: